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Great Wall Adventure Club is recommended for Mutianyu tours by Fodor's!

The Great Wall Adventure Club's Mutianyu adventure tour program is introduced and recommended by the latest edition of Fodor's China Guidebook!

Below is Great Wall Adventure Club's detailed itinerary (see

We will pick you up from your hotel at 8:00am, or if you prefer, we can pick you up later in the day at 1:00pm. We will then drive to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Located 60km/37 miles northeast of Beijing in Huairou County. As one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall, the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall used to serve as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs. First built in the mid-6th century during the Northern Qi, Mutianyu Great Wall is older than the Badaling section of the Great Wall. In the Ming dynasty, under the supervision of General Xu Da, construction of the present wall began on the foundation of the wall of Northern Qi. In 1404, a pass was built in the wall. In 1569, the Mutianyu Great Wall was rebuilt and till today most parts of it are well preserved.

Compared with other sections of Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall possesses unique characteristics in its construction. Watchtowers are densely placed along this section of the Great Wall - 22 watchtowers on this 2,250-meter-long stretch. Both the outer and inner parapets are crenellated with merlots, so that shots could be fired at the enemy on both sides - a feature very rare on other parts of the Great Wall. The Mutianyu Pass consists of 3 watchtowers, one big in the center and two smaller on both sides. Standing on the same terrace, the three watchtowers are connected to each other inside and compose a rarely seen structure among all sections of Great Wall.

While Mutianyu does get its fair share of visitors, it does not get as packed as Badaling, allowing you to have a peaceful time exploring the wall. After walking around on Mutianyu, you have the option of coming down via walking, taking a cable car, or taking a toboggan ride (lots of fun and highly recommended!). After meeting our car in the parking lot, we will transfer you back directly to your hotel.

Tour Inclusions:

1. Professional local guide & driver;
2. Private air-conditioned car or van for transportation;
3. Admission of the first gate.

Tour  exclusions:

1. Tip of the guide;
2. Optional Sky Chair (to lift to the hilltop) and Toboggan Ride (to slide down from the hill).

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