Friday, June 18, 2010

The Imperial Resort city of Chengde

With a pleasant climate, time-honored history, beautiful natural sceneries and historical sites, Chengde well deserves its position as one of the most famous tourist cities in China. It is an ideal place for sightseeing and hunting, as well providing welcome relief from the summer heat.

Just as the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is the key scenic spot in Xian, the Mountain Resort of Chengde, the largest royal garden in China is the hot place of interest in Chengde.

To the east and north of the Mountain Resort are the Eight Outer Temples, the largest cluster of royal temple in the world, with the architectural styles including the Han, Mongolian, Uigur and Tibetan, etc.

UNESCO listed the Mountain Resort and the Eight Outer Temples as a world cultural heritage site in 1994.

The Kuixing Pavilion is a tourist spot newly that was built upon the foundations of a former, ancient pavilion that had fallen into ruin. It is located atop Banbi Mountain in the south of city, the three main areas of this complex comprise a palace, square and garden zones. The whole architectural style is bright and colorful, and some cultural sights can still be seen in this beautiful scenic spot.There are also many forest parks in and around Chengde, including Qingchuifeng and Liaoheyuan National Forest Parks, Beidashan Stone Sea Forest Park, and Liuliping Forest Park, etc.

The Qingchui Cliff National Park, lying to the east of the city, is a natural park that features with a dramatic, lofty and steep formation called the Danxia Landform. The highlight of the park is the Qingchui Cliff, which is nearly 60 meters (197 feet) high and looks like a wooden club in the upper part. More than 100 species of wild flower, including rhododendron, peony, rose, lilac, cherry, and pinks, etc. can be found all over this area creating an intoxicating ambiance of scent and color. If you are interested in horse riding or hunting, you may well enjoy Mulan Imperial Hunting Park situated in Weichang County. It is cool in summer when you can enjoy riding, gathering mushrooms, and grass sliding; while in winter it is covered with snow and is a good place for both hunting and skiing.

Other sceneries such as the Town God's Temple, Shuangta Mountain, Jingbei No. One Grassland and Jinshanling Great Wall are all in or around the city are of tourist value likewise.

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