Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Wall Adventure Club: Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism by Great Wall Adventure Club

Our responsible tourism and environmental policies form an integral part of Great Wall Adventure Club’s how we operate. Our overseas challenges visit some of the world’s most amazing places and we want to help preserve them as much as possible for future generations!

We are committed to ensuring that all our customers have a positive impact on the places they go and the people they meet.

We believe that more than anything it is the people around you who really make an adventure special. That’s why we think we go further than any other company in helping the people living in China, particularly rural areas of this country. To us, responsible tourism means treating all our local employees and associates fairly and ensuring they are properly remunerated for their hard work and commitment to each and every challenge.

  • In many of our destinations of the Great Wall sections,  we have local partners who are extremely knowledgeable about the Great Wall’s terrain, hiking routes, paths, military areas, to make sure our hiking is safe and well-operated.
  • We are hiring local guides who are peasants of low income. Our employment of those people and using their facilities such as their accommodation and dining facilities to make a year-round contribution to the local economy.
  • Our guides are paid significantly more than government and our competitors.
  • We do not use tips to top-up salaries, as we pay our staff a fair and generous wage.  The distribution of tips is carefully monitored by us to ensure fairness and transparency.
  • We take pride in our staff and local partners, and the invaluable contributions they make to ensuring all our clients have the best possible experience. We run an annual reward scheme for the staff who have received positive feedback from trip participants.
  • We have evaluation of the local hostels we use. Great Wall Adventure Club’s certification program is one of the first of its kind in China. The certification program is meant to ensure quality control, and is yet another way in which GWAC is making sure that our clients can get the best travel experience as possible. Utilized by our lodgings (ranging from resorts to hostels) and restaurants, a Great Wall certified establishment means that our clients’ lodging/restaurant is up to Western standards in terms of safety, comfort, convenience, and any other amenities that a Western visitor would come to expect. We only use officially approved lodgings/restaurants for our travel programs, and we are constantly evaluating and reviewing these locations on a yearly basis.
  • We adhere to strict guidelines regarding the vehicles we use meet the standards of environment protection and the safety standards of People’s Republic of China.
  • All of our staff (all our office staff, guides, cooks, porters, drivers) are local to the area, providing jobs and stability to the local economy.

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