Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Most Stunning One-Day Lakeside Great Wall Hike

The trip will start with a drive to the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng. Huanghuacheng, which is fast becoming popular with hikers, features classically restored brickwork and the way that it glides and bends across the mountainside. Situated along a lake, Huanghuacheng is a picturesque section of wall, so remember to bring your camera. About halfway through the hike we'll pass over into Xishuiyu, a section of the Great Wall, a little known section of Great Wall that is unrestored, meaning that the “wild wall” starts to take hole. As we walk along the ruins of the wall here, you will get to see something truly special, the broken Great Wall running underwater.

To learn more about this program please go to http://www.greatwalladventure.com/huanghuacheng-xishuiyu-one-day-hike.htm

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