Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7-day-long trekking to explore on the ancient wall from Laolongtou (Old Dragon's Head), where the wall meets the Ocean

A bit out of the ordinary, we begin our hike at Old Dragon Head, the eastern-most point of the Great Wall where the wall touches the Yellow Sea. We’ll start hiking west through Shanhaiguan and Jiaoshan, stopping through some local villages on the way. For the next day we will hike to Sandaoguan, an exquisite piece of wall that features both unrestored “Wild Wall” and restored wall. Afterwards, we’ll really rough it by hiking from Dongjiakou to Xiaohekou, rugged unrestored sections that will be a challenge to climb, but the experience will be extraordinary. The following day we’ll take a brief respite from the Great Wall to visit the East Qing tombs, the resting place for much of China’s final ruling dynasty. We’ll then resume our hike by trekking Huangyaguan, which represents a miniature composition of the entire Great Wall. We’ll then end your adventure by going on the most popular Great Wall hike, starting from the western end of Simatai (the rest is closed for the time being), we’ll pass through Jinshanling before ending in Gubeikou, a strategically important part of wall that last saw action when the Japanese invaded in the 1930s. The wall here is highly photogenic, and its steepness and partly-dilapidated state is sure to give you a good work out.

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