Friday, July 3, 2015


Experience the rougher side of the Great Wall with this challenging hike. We start out at Jiankou, an increasingly popular section that is famed for its breathtaking ruins and picturesque mountain setting. We’ll cross over into Mutinayu, one of the most photographed portions of the Great Wall. Mutianyu, largely restored is set in a valley with watchtowers that dot the horizon. The next day we’ll hike the Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu trail, and here you will get to discover an incredible sight, the Great Wall underwater! This program concludes with a visit to Badaling, but it’s not the Badaling that you often hear about. This Badaling is unrestored and in its natural state, and makes for an invigorating hike. We’ll end at Shixiaguan, which is one of the most intact portions of Great Wall still remaining and which is situated in a dreamy setting of mountain and rolling hills.

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