Friday, July 31, 2015

Seven-day Epic "Wild Wall" Odyssey

We kick off your adventure in a fitting way by hiking the unrestored section of Badaling, which is often passed over by Chinese tourists. This hiking here is steep and tough, but the experience will be invigorating. We’ll cross over into Shixiaguan, a dramatic and preserved piece of wall situated among mountains and rolling hills. The next day the scene will shift to Hunaghuacheng, and from here we will hike to Xishuiyu. The hiking here is a challenge, but you’ll be rewarded by an amazing sight when we reach Xishuiyu-the Great Wall underwater! The next day we will trek at Jiankou, a gorgeous section dotted with epic ruins and set up in the mountains. We will soon move into Mutianyu, one of the most photographed sections of the Great Wall and which features a toboggan ride on the way down! The following day we will begin at Gubeikou, a strategically important part of the wall that even saw action during the Japanese invasion of the 1930s. We will pass over into Jinshanling, where in one of its watchtowers is where we will camp overnight. The next day we will move into west Simatai (the rest of Simatai is closed for the time being), where the unrestored “Wid Wall” and steep steps will give you quite the workout. We’ll then drive to Huangyaguan, a section of that is a composite of the entire Great Wall, and which is set in a gorgeous valley. We’ll conclude your odyssey by visiting the Baiyangu Marble Wall, an often overlooked unrestored section that features a 1.5k long marble wall.

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