Monday, August 10, 2015

China Adventure Tour Packages

When planning a visit to China, most foreign travelers picture China as just Beijing and Shanghai, with little else worth seeing. That could not be further than the truth. In many ways China is similar to the United States, as both are roughly the same size. And, as there is so more to see in the U.S. than New York and Los Angeles, there is also so much to experience and explore in China! With the Great Wall Adventure Club China Adventure Tour Packages, we want to bring you the China that is often unseen by the foreign traveler. This is the China of jungles, cascading rivers, high mountaintops, Muslim markets and bazaars, and ethnic minority villages where life is relatively untouched by the outside world. All this is waiting for you in one of our exciting China Adventure Tour packages!

Our China Adventure Tours cover the entire range of China. These include the most remote, wild and exotic places in the “middle kingdom” that are not otherwise easily accessible. We aim to show you the rugged outdoors of China that western adventurers often miss. Our adventure tours range from a personal jeep tour of the western wilds of Tibet and the famed Silk Road, exploring the Muslim markets of the Chinese far west, horse-riding in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, hiking through the world’s deepest gorge at Tiger Leaping Gorge, exploring the tropical jungles and rice terraces of Yunnan, and biking to the remote minority villages in Guizhou and Fujian. If you want an up-close look at Mt. Everest, we can provide that too. By signing on with our China Adventure Tours, not only will you have an experience of a lifetime, but you will also learn more about the world’s greatest rising power, and begin to understand its complexity and diversity. With our China Adventure Tours, Great Wall Adventure club guarantees the same high standard of quality and service that apply to our other tours and excursions.

On your China Adventure Tour you will have a local English-speaking guide with you, so you will get the best possible value for your tour. As usual with Great Wall Adventure Club, we will take care of arranging the transportation and accommodation you want for your trip.

We also have more conventional China Adventure tours to the former imperial resort of Chengde, famed for its splendid resorts and Tibetan temples, and to Pingyao, a city in central China where being there is like walking back in time to the golden age of the Qing dynasty.

International travel agencies are welcome to collaborate with us to give your guests their own customized tours.

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