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See the Most Popular Attractions in China In As Short As Three Days on A High-speed Bullet Train

As China continues to rapidly grow and develop on the world stage, so does its burgeoning tourist industry. Since opening to the public in earnest in the late 1970s, China’s tourism sector has grown by leaps and bounds, and is expected to be the world’s top travel destination within 10 years. As China is a country endowed with countless wonders and containing a unique blend of cultures, it’s easy to see why so many foreign visitors are wishing to experience the joy and magic that China has to offer. China has never been hotter as a destination. In fact, Tibet, the rooftop of the world and home to the world’s tallest mountain in Mt. Everest, just surpassed 10 million visitors for the year of 2012.  In a recent study by the China National Tourist Office (CNTO) among Americans who have traveled to Asia within the last two years, the top three most favored China attractions are the Great Wall, the Forbidden City in Beijing, and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. While the top two attractions are conveniently located in or near Beijing (making it easy for foreign visitors to experience them), the Terracotta Warriors lay westward in the city of Xian, China’s ancient capital, a city that Westerners might have never heard of before. While it may be difficult for you to picture yourself visiting this seemingly remote outpost, Great Wall Adventure Club is here to help you make this dream a reality.
While you certainly know of our experience and ability in designing and leading Great Wall hikes and excursions, you may be unfamiliar with our extensive involvement in planning city tours and other sightseeing tours throughout China. Xian, for example is a specialty of ours, as we have a team of local guides and drivers with years of experience in bringing the wonders of this ancient capital to foreign visitors. In the past, the only practical way to reach Xian was either by flying or by a long and tedious train ride. But with China’s new high-speed rail lines, reaching Xian, Beijing and the Terracotta Warriors has never been easier or more convenient! The table below is the train schedule from Beijing to Xian:

*The train authority updates this list often. Here is a reference only.

Train # From Time To Time Train # From Time To Time
G87 Beijing W 14:00 Xian N 18:40 G88 Xian N 13:10 Beijing W 17:50
G651 Beijing W 7:05 Xian N 12:48 G652 Xian N 7:50 Beijing W 13:17
G653 Beijing W 8:21 Xian N 14:11 G654 Xian N 8:50 Beijing W 14:20
G655 Beijing W 10:05 Xian N 15:43 G656 Xian N 10:05 Beijing W 15:35
G657 Beijing W 11:06 Xian N 16:47 G658 Xian N 10:40 Beijing W 16:26
G659 Beijing W 12:08 Xian N 17:35 G660 Xian N 11:35 Beijing W 17:12
G661 Beijing W 14:43 Xian N 20:41 G662 Xian N 14:40 Beijing W 20:33
G663 Beijing W 16:00 Xian N 21:52 G664 Xian N 16:03 Beijing W 21:38
G665 Beijing W 16:53 Xian N 2:44 G666 Xian N 17:07 Beijing W 22:50
G667 Beijing W 17:38 Xian N 23:05 G670 Xian N 17:55 Beijing W 23:20
As you can see, this approximately six-hour journey can be made at just about any time of day, making it highly convenient for you during your China trip. The train price is around RMB515, which is usually half the price a flight would be. By taking the train, there’s no hassle to rush to the airport and no interference from the weather or any of the other countless things that can delay a flight. So, if you’re short on time but long for excitement, you could easily see two of the three most popular attractions in China in just two days.  

Here is a sample itinerary:
Day 1: Take a morning flight (7 am or 8 am) to Xian and arrive in Xian in two hours. Visit Big Goose Pagoda, Huaqing Hotsprings, and Muslim Quarters. Enjoy Xi'an's special dumpling dinner and watch the magnificent Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. Stay overnight in Xian.
Day 2: Half day tour in the morning to the famous Terracotta Warriors. In the afternoon, take a bullet train # G666 or #G668 back to Beijing.
If you are here on a business trip and want to cram as much as possible into your stay, we can work with that too. Here is a sample itinerary for those with a tighter schedule:
Same Day Tour between Beijing and Xian:
Take the flight at 7 am and arrive in Xian at 9 am. Tour the Terracotta Warriors in the afternoon. Train #G670 at 17:55 back to Beijing (or take a later fight back to Beijing)

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