Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chengde-Panjakou Reservoir-Xifengkou Two-Day Hike

This tour starts out in the City of Chengde, which served as the summer retreat for emperors of the Qing Dynasty looking to beat the heat of Beijing. Here you will visit the sprawling and magnificent Summer Resort, along with the Small Potala Palace, a grand Buddhist temple that is a recreation of the Potala Palace of Tibet. The next day you will be taken to the Great Wall at Xifengkou, where you will begin your hike. Due to the nearby construction of the Panjiakou Reservoir, part of the wall here runs underwater, making for a unique and rare site among Great Wall sections. Largely unvisited, you will be able to stretch out your legs and roam, allowing yourself to have a much more intimate Great Wall experience.

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