Saturday, January 23, 2016

Panjiakou Reservoir to Xifengkou Great Wall Two-Day Hike

This hike is relatively simple and easy, so it's a perfect way for the whole family to get out and enjoy the Great Wall together! This program starts at the picturesque Panjiakou Reservoir, where we'll enjoy a little picnic lunch before your Great Wall trek. You'll then start hiking at the Xifengkou Great Wall, a section that is its unrestored state and which nature has taken its course. Here you will see a rare thing, a section of the Great Wall running underwater! This along with the grand old watchtowers and peaks will make for ad ay to remember. After sleeping In a nearby farmer's village, we'll continue our walk on Xifengkou. As it is rarely visited by hikers, you will get to have a more in-depth Great Wall experience than you would at some of the more touristy areas.

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