Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunset and Sunrise on the Great Wall

In terms of bang for your buck, this tour gives you just about everything. In addition to seeing both the sunset and sunrise over the Great Wall, you also get to experience two of the best Great Wall hikes that exist. Both the Simatai-Jinshanling and Jiankou, while moderately challenging, are a real blast. You’ll get unrestored Great Wall that has been untouched by repairs, looming watchtowers, postcard-like panoramas and sweeping vistas. This tour is for the one who loves using their camera. In addition, you’ll also get to enjoy an authentic meal of Chinese countryside cuisine at the inn where you will spend the night. Featuring an early morning wake-up (5:30am) and a late start-time (you’ll be picked up in Beijing at 11am), this tour is designed for you to get in prime position on the wall at sunset and sunup. We think that viewing both the sunset and sunrise will be a peaceful interlude on what is probably for you a hectic China trip.

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