Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sleep Overnight on the Great Wall with Intensive Hiking  
For those that have a little more time to spend in Beijing, and whose interest in the Great Wall runs a little deeper than the average tourist, our 2-day Great Wall programs are a perfect way to sate your Great Wall appetite! With these two day programs, you'll be able to spend more time on the Great Wall, see more of China's natural beauty, explore relatively unknown sections, and even sleep on the wall itself! As with all of our other programs, you will receive nothing but the best service and guidance.

In accordance with our 1-day programs, you will be picked up in the morning by your travel guide and driver. Your travel guide, who has gone through the strictest safety criteria in the country, will be with you at all times during your Great Wall hike, ensuring your safety while also imparting you with his/her vast knowledge of the Great Wall. In addition, all heavy camping materials and provisions will be provided (such as tents when sleeping on the Great Wall). The parts of the Great Wall we will encounter are often empty, allowing you to have some quality one-on-one time with one of the world's great wonders. For those hearty outdoor types who live a challenge and trying something new, this is the perfect way to explore the Great Wall of China!

Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) is the largest and the only company officially approved by the Great Wall Administration Office to offer camping for international guests. This is what sets us apart from other smaller operators.

This program allows you to experience the two best Great Wall hikes at the Great Wall's most popular and photogenic sections. This hike starts at Gubeikou, an unrestored section of “wild” Great Wall. You'll then cross over into Jinshanling, which features magnificent watchtowers and grand watchtowers. You will be amazed at how the Great Wall snakes and winds its way across the countryside here. You'll spend the night in one of Jinshanling's larger watchtowers, and the next morning we'll drive to Jiankou, which like Gubeikou is in its natural state. The ruins here are highly dramatic, so be sure to have your cameras! After hiking through Jiankou you'll come to Mutianyu, which is in many ways similar to Jinshanling, as it is a more restored section of Great Wall. The 22km's distance on the Wall will take us about 10-11 hours of hiking.  

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  2. Beijing is such an amazing travel hill station and it is great when visitors can really do different things and fully get involved with the history and culture. The Great Wall is one of the biggest attractions spots and easily reachable from the city. Staying out overnight on the Wall is such an exclusive experience for all visitors or exciting for families with younger kids. It does take a bit of arranging and planning which can be done with the help of a good travel company in China. Companies offer overnight trips to the Wall, but just make sure to choose the right one. I had an experience with a well known travel agency company in Beijing.